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26-27 July 2019 (LSE)

Day One: 

9.00-9.30: Registration & Coffee/Tea

9.30-10.30: Opening

Welcome: Gerry Simpson & Christopher Gevers

Short Keynote: Maria Aristodemou, Remarks on International Law and Literature

10.30-12.30: Panel One

Chair: Christopher Gevers (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

Jess Engebretson (Columbia University), The Last Hope of Security: Genocide and  Self-Determination in the Literature of the Nigerian Civil War

Mohammed Umar (Galgotias University), Brands of Nationhood in the Pre-Independence Indian Literature and their Post-Colonial Impact (1900-1947)

Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan (Griffith College), Reimagining the World through the Eyes of Bharatiyar: Tamil Ethno-cultural Resistance to Colonial International Law through Literature


Stewart Motha (Birkbeck College), ‘The object is to frighten him with hope’: Questioning the tragic emplotments of international law and decolonization


12.30-13.30: Lunch


13.30-15.00: Panel Two

Chair: Gerry Simpson (LSE)

Wanshu Cong (McGill University), Humanity Beyond the Solar System: International Law in the Liu Cixin’s Sci-Fi Stories

Tor Krever (University of Warwick), Literary and Legal Depictions of Piracy

Paolo Vargiu (University of Leicester), The Shortcomings of Public  International Law: Lessons from Robert Kirkman’s ‘The Walking Dead’


15.00-15.30: Coffee/Juice


15.30-17.30: Panel Three

Chair: Vasuki Nesiah (NYU Gallatin)

Jess Cotton (University College London), The Children of No Man’s Land: Writing Childhood and the Paradox of Rights

Golnar Nabizadeh (University of Dundee), Visualising Colombia’s Peace Agreement: The Role of Public Information Comics

Mai Taha (American University in Cairo), Alice in Wonderland Goes to Palestine

Joseph Slaughter (Columbia University), World Literature Is Burning! or, How to Read Donald Duck at the Second Russell Tribunal


19.00-21.00: Dinner

Day Two:

9.00-9.30: Coffee/Tea


9.30-11.30: Panel Four

Chair: Jennifer Wenzel (Columbia University)

Adam Gearey (Birkbeck College), The Beautiful Ones Are Born: 
‘Literature’, the New International Economic Order and the ‘Southern’ Anticipation of Eco-criticism


Elena E. Cirkovic (National Research Univeristy Higher School of Economics-St. Petersburg), International Law at the Edge: The Myth of the Inkarri, Environmental Catastrophes, and Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement with International Law

Ximena Sierra-Camargo (Rosario University), The Witch of the Mines: Law, History and Literature in the (Post)colonial Past and Present in Colombia

Vasuki Nesiah (New York University), A Double Take on Debt: Reparations Claims and Shifting Regimes of Visibility


11.30-13.30: Panel Five

Chair: Vidya Kumar (University of Leicester)

Rashmi Raman (Jindal Global Law School), Resurrecting The Liminal In International Law Through Ancient Vedic Literature: A Study Of The Scholarship of Radha Binod Pal

Kojo Koram (Birkbeck College), Satan is Black: Fanon, Milton and Juridico-Theology

Anamika Misra (Leiden University) & Ahmed Raza Memon (University of Kent),

The Self as ‘Soul’ in Tagore and Iqbal: A Literary Critique of International Liberal

Order of Nation States by Poets of the Subcontinent

Christopher Gevers (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Unwriting and unwhitening the world: The White World and Black Internationalist Fiction of WEB Du Bois and George Schuyler


13.30-14.30: Lunch


14.30-16.30: Panel Six

Chair: Joseph Slaughter (Columbia University)

Rebecca Ruth Gould (University of Birmingham), The Islamic Law of Migration (hirja) and the Literary Mediation of Cultural Memory

Peter Hitchcock (City University of New York), The Measure of Migrancy

Leila Neti (Occidental College), Life at the Margins of the Human

Eddie Bruce-Jones (Birkbeck College), Fleshed in the Emptiness of Folk: TWAIL and the Literature of Indenture


16.30-17.00: Closing

Vasuki Nesiah & Joseph Slaughter


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