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New York

14-15 December 2018 (NYU)

Day One: 

9.30-10.00: Opening: Joseph Slaughter and Vasuki Nesiah

10.00-11.30: Panel One

Chair: Vasuki Nesiah (NYU, Gallatin)

Ruth Buchanan (Osgoode Hall), Negotiations of Genre and Territory (on the edge): The Far Country in Settler-Colonial Imaginaries


Naglaa Saad M. Hassan (Fayoum University), Poetics against Politics: Political, Theoretical and Discursive Reterritorialization


Tor Krever (Warwick), A última tragédia? Guinea Bissau’s Independence Struggle in Law and Literature

12.00-1.30: Panel Two  

Chair: Gerry Simpson (LSE)


Kehinde Folake Olaoye (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Between Fact, International Law and Non-Fiction: TWAIL, Justice and The Trial of Dedan Kimathi


Audrey J. Golden (Simmons, Boston), Fictions of Human Rights: International Law’s Language Exclusions at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia


Christopher J. Lee (Lafayette), Trauma, Procedure, Narrative: The Court Reportage of Hannah Arendt and Antjie Krog


2.30-4.30: Panel Three

Chair: Christopher Gevers (University of KwaZulu-Natal)


Adil Hasan Khan (Melbourne), Re-(en)activating Aimé Césaire's Tragedies - Writing 'theatrical histories' as international lawyers


Chase Madar (NYU, Gallatin), The Picaresque Novel of International Law


Carly A. Krakow (LSE), The “Jealous State” of International Law: Exile and Legal Metaphor in the Literary Works of Shimon Ballas and Sinan Anton


Ebele Angela Onyeabo (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Law and Literature of the Crude Colony: The Double Paradox of Nigeria’s Post-Colonial Oil Industry  



Day Two 

9.00-10.30: Panel Four

Chair: Liliana Obregón, (Los Andes)


Christopher Rivera (Pine Manor), Reading and Reimagining Latinx Queer Subjectivity: Anti-Discrimination Laws and Queer Violence as Rhetoric in the Global South   


Simone Ze (Pine Manor), A (Con)textual Examination of Politics and the Culture of Exile in Vietnamese(-American) Literature


Renatta Fordyce (Rutgers), Sociolinguistic and Cultural Dissonance: The Conflict Between Regionally Specific Literature and Judicial Rhetoric as National Literature in Guyana


11.00-12.30: Panel Five

Chair: Zina Miller (Seton Hall)


Helena Alviar (Los Andes), The interaction between law and critical thinking: literature and narration in Latin America


Liliana Obregón, (Los Andes), Latin American Arts during the Cold War: Challenging US Hegemony and the Organization of American States 


Jo Carillo (Hastings), Writing the Namesake’s Wrongs: Politicized Historical Fictions about the Colonial Past


1.30-3.15: Panel Six

Chair:  Joseph Slaughter (Columbia)


Samuel D Holder (Keele), Reframing Narratives of Empire: Frantz Fanon and the Pied-Noir


Christopher Gevers (KwaZulu-Natal), Pan African Fiction and the Rise of the White International: 1919-1939   


Peter Wasamba (Nairobi), Literature and Decolonization of Human Rights Law in Kenya


Vasuki Nesiah (NYU, Gallatin), Reparations, Habeas Viscus, Counter-Memory


3.30-4.00: Closing:

Christopher Gevers and Gerry Simpson



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